Bachelor #3

Name: Felix

Instrument: Mandolin, Vocals

Status: Eligible ?

Now Felix comes from a long line of grade A fools. His great grandfather Dudley Foolsworthy moved to California in 1860 in search of gold. Ever since his childhood in Missouri, Dudley had wanted two things: A camera and a flush toilet. When gold was discovered in California, Dudley knew it was the ticket to his dreams. He emigrated post haste and began a mining rig in Eureka!.

He prayed each day... On September 23, 1863 his prayers were answered. Ten feet down a hole, his pick ax hit something... Something big! It took him all day to wrestle the gigantic nugget out of the ground. When he finally unearthed it, it took him another hour to get it out of the hole it was in.

That night he spent all his saved up money on four flush toilets and seven cameras. The next day he proudly marched into the appraisers office with a grin on his face. The appraisers eyes widened and he began to smile.

"Why that's the biggest gold nugget I've ever laid eyes upon!" exclaimed the appraiser. "Well fool's gold that is."

"Fool's gold..?" stammered Dudley.

"Yeah fool's gold, I'll give yer 3 dollars for that there seeing how it's got to be the biggest chunk of fools gold in creation."

"Three dollars?! Hot damn! If I'd know fools gold was worth so much I woulda bought 12 flush toilets!"

Dudley gladly took the money and danced his way home.

Now I only write this story to illustrate an important thing about Felix: his nature. He's a fool just like his great grandpa plain and simple.