Name: Solomon
When: March 31, 2005 08:00:58 GMT
Where: Brunei
Comments: wearetheinvisibleones wearetheinvisibleones
Name: Jono
When: March 07, 2005 19:55:29 GMT
Where: Santi Cruz
Comments: Dear Viva and Sophie,
We love berkeley, but Anton already has #1 fans. Check the fan pictures.
Name: Bob D.
When: March 06, 2005 05:37:35 GMT
Where: Physically in Berkeley, Mentally @ CWR
Comments: Word.
Name: Zoe
When: March 03, 2005 16:30:00 GMT
Comments: Great site.
Name: Viva & Sophie
When: March 01, 2005 07:21:24 GMT
Where: Berkeley
Comments: Can you guys play at a house party in Berkeley? Don't let Santa Cruz have all the fun! We're your #1 fans!
Name: Paul
When: January 23, 2005 21:56:26 GMT
Comments: Fantastic site. Honoured to sign this guest book.
Name: Anton Patzner
When: December 27, 2004 23:14:17 GMT
Where: Oakland CA
Comments: YA! We're going to have a reunion tour and it's going to be awesome! Email us if you want us to play at a house party in Santa Cruz!
Name: JOHN
When: September 22, 2004 14:39:10 GMT
Comments: NWANNE BYE HERE''''''''''''''
Name: Susannah Schnick
When: September 03, 2004 04:47:48 GMT
Where: Amherst, MA
Comments: This band makes me cream in my panties..
Name: Ed
When: August 07, 2004 01:24:24 GMT
Where: Europa
Comments: You guys ROCK!
Name: Larry
When: April 12, 2004 19:45:08 GMT
Where: San Leandro, CA
Comments: Hello there Jono! You're Pop shared with me this fun web site you have.

Very impressive as usual.

Heard all the wonderful stuff about your band. Keep in touch when you can. Wish you and your bandmates continued success!
Name: mugu
When: March 25, 2004 02:27:55 GMT
Where: lome_togo
Comments: keep offff ooooooooooo
Name: Adamontay the Appalachian apple picker
When: February 29, 2004 07:28:33 GMT
Where: The O, byyyiootch
Comments: Howdy-ho, batchelaureates! Adamontay bringing goodness thru cyberspizzle. holler at I-man to transmit what's populatin with you folkren-- let I know when you're among the Bay Aereola. Along the rocky road of life, remember to stop and...well, first remember what you stopped for. Yeah. That's a start. And the rest, as they say, is mystery. Peas
Name: Bachelor #4
When: February 02, 2004 00:01:44 GMT
Where: Santa Cruz
Name: Rock the 5 4ever
When: January 23, 2004 22:50:48 GMT
Where: Oaktown
Comments: HELLS YEAH! The high five is and has always been the best way of say'n what up to your hommes.
Name: Reverend Texas Timbo
When: January 20, 2004 20:19:57 GMT
Where: Santa Cruz
Comments: I like the Texas Timbo song and free burritos. I couldn't vote for the Texas Timbo song so I'm voting for free burritos. I ran for County Supervisor last year and got at least 5 votes. I like the Eligible Bachelors and I vote. Vote for Emily Hell for Santa Cruz City Council in 2004 (! Also, we're bringing back the high five as the number one greeting in 2004. Some say it never went away and those people, my friend, are the true originals.
Name: cassidy
When: January 08, 2004 19:51:30 GMT
Where: Berkeley
Comments: BLAZE HOT!!!!!!!

keep the fire blazing stadawoy
Name: Bachelor #3
When: November 24, 2003 04:23:08 GMT
Where: Cruztown
Comments: Alright Bachelorheads. Sorry about the error on the voting page. I think I just fixed it. And for those of you who did see you votes, they should be up there now. If you have not checked it out already, the poll is still open.

We are playing on tuesday at Porter with the whole band for the first time in 5 months. Maybe we will see some of you folks there.
Name: Lewis
When: November 22, 2003 22:48:03 GMT
Where: baltimore
Comments: How come i can't vote for "lost"? i love that song! i guess i'll have to vote for tetris. are you guys planning a reunion tour? i sure hope so!
Name: Anton
When: November 07, 2003 01:41:33 GMT
Where: Oakland
Comments: Hey,
I couldn't vote for my favorite song- Moving to the City, so I voted for my second favorite, Do Ci Do. YEE HAA! I hope we have some fun new shows coming up soon. Hey, it's kind of hard to find the button to sign the guest list, maybe if we put it at the top of the page more people would sign... WOOHOO!!! YEE HAA!!! HICKKITY HO HUMM HEY HEY HEY!
Name: Buttercup
When: November 04, 2003 09:02:12 GMT
Where: San Diego!
Comments: hey jono and any others of ya who check the guestbook.
good to see that the site is being maintianed- hope to hear that music is still going on although i know yall are scattered. I was just wondering if everyone had voted for love in haste or if i was the only voter so far. i see it got 100%, which it well deserves. Hum- tho everyone loves Great Big Taters... hum- and im a big fan of wipeout and deeply regret that i cannot listen to it on the new album... well- the songs are all quite great, each one is a colorful stroke of genius in the masterpiece that is the Eligible Bachelors self titled album.

thanks for filling the hole in my music collection. And come to High Sierra next year!!!

rock on

Name: jordan
When: July 28, 2003 21:32:22 GMT
Where: here
Comments: Jono rocks!
Name: Buttercup
When: June 14, 2003 21:38:12 GMT
Where: the parlor
Comments: hey you all-
thank you for an excellent plaid party! good fun was had by all in attendance. I know you are all out of here in no time- boo-
well have a kickass summer and come back to sunny SC for more fun (SC is best in the summertime!!!).
oh yes- the CD came out great!!
all the best
Name: Danielle
When: June 13, 2003 19:05:12 GMT
Where: the twinkie
Comments: oh i will miss you so... great show last night! i am listening to your cd right now for the first time and its super! congratulations to those of you graduating! have a lovely summer
Name: Danielle
When: June 10, 2003 20:54:29 GMT
Where: trailer park!!
Comments: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANTON!!! i can't wait for your show thursday night.. yay!
Name: Buttercup
When: June 10, 2003 11:00:26 GMT
Where: my chair
Comments: Nothing i am about to write matters very much. in fact, i am just writing because i wanted the blue background and i got chapped in my last post with the green... although i like green, too.

stoked for Thursday party. Is it too late for a theme? I was thinkin plaid.

Name: Buttercup
When: June 06, 2003 03:15:18 GMT
Where: I am where i go
Comments: hey really, Jono. I dont know if you were serious about playing on the 12th but ive got the venue if you are down for a hoedown. are you in or are you in?
ciao for now
Name: Abby
When: June 03, 2003 08:45:43 GMT
Where: College 10!!
Comments: Eligible Bachelors, it's going to be so sad not having you guys here next year! You are so very talented, each one of you! Hearing your music and seeing your faces always puts a smile on my face! Thanks for the amazing music. You guys rock my world! Good luck guys! I can't wait for the C.D. to come out!
Name: shhhhhhhhhhhh
When: May 28, 2003 05:32:39 GMT
Where: shhhhhhhhhhhhh
Comments: one of my very best friends loves anton and wants to have his babies... well maybe not that much yet, but i think you should take her on a date!
Name: Danielle
When: May 28, 2003 05:31:08 GMT
Where: trailer park!!
Comments: you guys rock my socks!!! i think i am your best fan... you especially rocked at the porter palooza which is extra awesome since you were sick! i am very glad to have met you all and to have heard your music. i am very sad that you are all leaving... have a wonderful day!!
Name: Anonymous
When: May 22, 2003 20:42:20 GMT
Where: somewhere in the south pacific
Name: Buttercup
When: May 20, 2003 07:47:26 GMT
Where: downtown SC (epicenter of the world)
Comments: Big fan of the sneak attacks- y'all rocked the monotony right out of my Wednesday. excellent! If more people did sneak attacks the world would be a better place.

you guys should get some future shows on the "shows" link- not just the ones i have been missing all these months (having learned of the group a mere 5 days ago). The 3 EB shows i have seen since have been quite excellent, despite the fact that you played sitting down. Its cool, sometimes you've gotta sit. sick... yes.
Any shows this summer or are you guys outta here?

Excellent renditions of Hava Nagilah and whatever surf song that is... "wipeout"? i dont know.
Sorry the unicycling monkey thing didnt work out for Future Shock ... next time. just supply the monkey suit and its on.

Name: Norton the dude with man breasts
When: May 12, 2003 21:02:44 GMT
Where: PICA
Comments: Well i was noticing all your postings and didn't see any date proposals. You all are Eligible right? I mean that's what you fellas call yourself, correct. Well baby when i see you play your eyes look like jolly ranchers and i get so excited that i start to produce testosterone in my veins. What do ya say we speak a little latin after a sneak attack. -Norton
Name: Rose the Eloper
When: May 04, 2003 05:26:12 GMT
Where: Namaste
Comments: You guys rock. Why no CD? Too much effort? I'd buy one...
Name: nicole
When: April 30, 2003 14:42:27 GMT
Where: Montana
Comments: Little Anton of the Picchi Patzer clan, is that really you? Your website rocks.
Keep on fiddling!
Name: keith submachine
When: April 15, 2003 19:38:17 GMT
Where: sc
Comments: the eligible bachelors harbinge a whole new era of american hedonism. anton patzner is a baaaaad man!
Name: An Eligible's Mom
When: March 05, 2003 15:59:32 GMT
Where: Irvine, San Clemente, etc., etc., etc.
Comments: I'm very proud of all you bachelors....
Name: the eligible bachelors' graphic designer
When: February 17, 2003 05:23:04 GMT
Where: santa cruz
Comments: I'll look forward to seeing you guys at the barn this friday. the t-shirts came out great. Everyone at the show's gonna have to buy one because the design is so good. I've already been complimented more than once when I was wearing one. I think they work like a pickup line if you're in to that sort of thing. peace out dudes....
Name: Will Rat
When: February 08, 2003 07:25:33 GMT
Where: Davis, Ca
Comments: Yo! Fe man, Happy Birthday! I guess all you batchelor fans knew this already, but I was just on the site anyway and I decided to lay it down. Yall gotta tell him happy B day, even if he dosen't want you too. It'll make him happy.

Happy 20th bredda man,

Much Love from the D Town,

Name: emily picha
When: February 01, 2003 06:53:36 GMT
Where: Quiet room, Kresge College
Comments: HAH! Hey guys, lookin forward to hearing you at the co-op, YEEHAW. man you rocked at the open mic on wed.! encore encore!
Name: bobby dizzart
When: January 12, 2003 21:02:04 GMT
Where: Branson, Mizzouri
Comments: way to be the best band everwork... and id like to hear your music sometime real soon, and make a guest appearance on the auto harp, and if i had a tee shirt of yours i might get a date, and my friend has a band in santa cruz, and its called EASY WAY OUT, and i will be at camp all summer.
Name: Checkered Chester #3
When: December 05, 2002 06:41:41 GMT
Where: B-tizzle Fa Shizzle
Comments: What?!! this jerk-off rag under me has obviously no common sensicles. Or else he'd a known those super-bad-bad "Checkered Chesters" are ready ANY DAY OF THE WEEK!! Bring it!!
Name: Colin #1 Fan
When: December 05, 2002 06:38:11 GMT
Where: B-Tizzle
Comments: You Guys Kick Ass!!! Like Monsters-under-the-Bed-Rug-Munching-Slap-A-Daffodill-Squish-Squosh-A-Lizard-Gizzard-Ass!!!!! Whoooooo-Weeeeeeeeeee!!! Oh Boy!

I Bet You could whoop on those repugnant "Checkered Chester's" punks in a super-Band show-down anyday, anytime!
Name: shaaa
When: December 01, 2002 04:39:19 GMT
Where: santa cruz, ca
Comments: keep on rockin...........!!!
Name: Eve
When: November 29, 2002 23:57:50 GMT
Where: represent Northwest Ohio, y'all know
Comments: Sometimes I think about the eligible bachelors, and I think, how can they be so damned good at playin that bluegrass when they have never been to Southern Ohio. Then it strikes me that the eligible bachelors must be spiritually connected with them hillbilly folk there, who ride around in unfinished hotrods, and wear their hairs in mullets missing a few teeth wearing a t-shirt that says King on it but it's all stained and slap their knees like they please . And more importantly are connected with the fact that the man who I speak of who rides around with some guy named fat ray and both of them are single. And plus all that they don't even pick up hitchhikers and would rather just drive past them a bunch of times lookin, crusin if you will. They just would rather make the hitchhikers real jealous of their unfinished wheels and drive through the carryout to get cigarrettes and go back home and fix the holes in the bathroom when they done slipped and fallen and made them holes cause they can't see their own feet. Oh and they would kick your ass if they heard of you.
But damnit because I'm from Ohio they won't mess with you cause I know your music is all legit.
Pistils, and Penduluums,
Name: galia
When: November 27, 2002 03:52:14 GMT
Where: porter! yeah!
Comments: wow, you guys are great. like really great. i saw you in the porter dining hall for thanksgiving college night. i stayed way after i was done eating just to hear you guys for a while more. friends were really irritated with me.

and it probably helps that you're lovely to look at...

so i hope i get to see you again sometime! you made my day.
Name: sarah
When: November 27, 2002 02:09:14 GMT
Where: humboldt, baby!
Comments: you guys are awesome i saw you in santa cruz at the porter dining hall and you rocked!! if you ever make it up to humboldt i'd love tp see you. also is there anyway i can get a cd? keep on rockin'!!
Name: jonathan
When: November 07, 2002 22:53:50 GMT
Where: santa cruz
Comments: hey , i love your stuff. the t-shirts look really awesome. i can't wait to own one for myself!
Name: Alex Harris
When: October 30, 2002 16:21:34 GMT
Where: boston
Comments: Being in the east coast, I can't say the Eligible Bachelors have any affect on my life at all, really. So much for that. However, if you guys put on a show between january 5th-january 13thish, I will certainly attend. And purchase a CD. And give Jono these 8 YAITW CDs that I made and never gave Jory.
Name: Cielle Taaffe-Johnson
When: October 30, 2002 12:30:39 GMT
Where: Lyon, FRANCE
Comments: I miss your Stevenson Coffee Shop shows! I'll be returning after this crazy year abroad and y'all still better be around. We'll open up our doors to you on random nights again, move the couches to form a dance floor and feed you free fudgies.
Name: Kevin
When: October 30, 2002 06:02:39 GMT
Where: Somewhere else
Comments: You guys rock! I especially liked when you played at that party on Algea St. a while back. That was a good party, and the hosts were really hot.
Name: Rat
When: October 30, 2002 01:52:43 GMT
Where: berserk
Comments: I saw a cool old-time band playing on Market St at the march, very mellow/ low key. Now, what can the E.B.'s do to stop P. Bush's plan to get us all in deep do-do?
Name: kristen
When: October 30, 2002 00:16:53 GMT
Where: santa cruz
Comments: i love to hear you guys. i just feel so happy whenever i see you guys playing. i saw you the other day at the downtown trick or treating and you sounded lovely as usual. i hope to see you again soon!
Name: DavidPope
When: October 28, 2002 15:58:33 GMT
Where: eastcoast
Comments: representing fans across the country, Fee-your mom is the coolest, sending the site across the seas to former student of mine, trying to get the UK to listen to the bachelors.
Name: Alana and Alexis
When: October 19, 2002 01:16:14 GMT
Where: Anton's House
Comments: We love Anton. We cannot sleep at night because it makes us cry to think about that sweet little angel. Please let us be in the video!!! WE LOVE YOU ANTON. Hello Jono and Felix and Max.
Name: Joey Smith
When: October 07, 2002 10:35:54 GMT
Where: SannaCrooz
Comments: THE ELIGIBLE BACHELORS were amazing last night! They played at a party at my house and made everyone so happy - you couldn't not smile, unless your mouth was agape with awe at their amazing talents. And, get this - they're all really great and nice people! I just wanted to publicly thank them, and recommend that people go see them when they get the chance - there's no way you'll regret it!
Name: Anton
When: September 24, 2002 01:58:27 GMT
Where: Santa Cruz
Comments: Alright, this guest book is totally awesome! Thanks Jono!
Name: Kentucky Red
When: September 23, 2002 21:49:03 GMT
Where: kentucky
Comments: Woooo damn! Y'all boys can play a sumpin' fierce. Downright reminds me of dem nights up'n ole' tucky, affer a good ole wil turkey huntin, we'd a getm to a playin an a dancin up a storm, like ourn' boots was on fire, we'd be a drinkin down all that likker, a gettin our bellies all a hot and riled', be a sweatin, hootin, and a clappin', basically doin' all sort'n a things which a man can only do when one a dem good ole string band's like 'yall is a playin'.

So, thank-ye all, and keep them strings a sawin'!

Name: Jono
When: September 23, 2002 05:28:30 GMT
Where: Santi Cruz
Comments: Hey. Look here a spanking new guestbook. How fine it is. What a day we live in with the world wide inter-grass and all. If you know what I am talking about.