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Summer 2002 Berkeley Tour

We took a break for most of the summer, but played around the Bay Area in early September.

Sneak Attack Tour!

The summer attack was on the UC Berkeley
campus from Sepermber 3rd through the 6th.

  Tour           When         Where               Stuff
Pre Attack Aug 29 @ 10pm Freeborn Hall       Tipped a bag of banannas
Day 1      Sep 3 @ 2pm   Sproul Plaza         A nice day outside
Day 2      Sep 4 @ 3pm   Dwinelle Courtyard   Great audience turnout
Day 3      Sep 5 @ 2pm   Outside Evans Hall  People started catching on
Day 4      Sep 6 @ 3pm   Outisde Wheeler      A lot of folks + dancing

Sunday September 8th @ 10am
We played at the Solano Stroll in Berkeley. It is a huge street
fair (over a mile long) with thousands of people and bands on every corner.